Happy Eating House are a small artisan company making small-batch Oriental cooking sauces and condiments using only 100% natural ingredients. Danni came to me for some help to optimise their packaging for retail. Customer feedback suggested their current branding lacked pop at shelf, however the overall look and feel was working well. It was clear there was a balance to strike between creating great pop at shelf and still feeling like a small artisan brand. We needed to evolve the brand not completely revolutionise it – The result features a refreshed the colour palette to improve standout, reworked pack hierarchy to improve navigation of the range and the addition of tasting notes to inspire usage.

When I urgently needed to make some amends to my labels in time for a new production run Hannah was able to help me straight away and meet my deadlines which I am so grateful for. She delivered exactly what I asked for and I appreciated that she included me in her creative process by showing me different design options. Working with Hannah has been easy and enjoyable. Thanks Hannah for all your help! Danni Hong, Founder Happy Eating House