Tim came to me with his initial concept for DuelFuel – A game-changing, great-tasting combined Performance & Recovery Nutrition solution for regular people. My immediate reaction was wow, why doesn’t this already exist?! So, Tim and I went on a virtual road trip together through the consumers lives. We spoke with different groups of consumers about their likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, motivations and aspirations, in order to enable us to build the pillars of the DuelFuel brand. Tim and I have worked together to launch DuelFuel as the one to watch in the sports nutrition space.

Hannah listens. I mean, Hannah REALLY listens…and unquestionably this is what enables Hannah to create the truly remarkable work that she does. The dedication with which Hannah sought to understand our consumers meant Hannah very quickly “got” our consumers and knew instinctively what did and did not resonate with them, which in turn made it so much fun and such a rewarding experience working together to bring the pillars of the DuelFuel brand to life. Hannah showed a remarkable ability to channel this understanding of our consumers into selecting and moulding the final blend of colours, shapes, images and words that all combine to make DuelFuel the awesome brand that it is. Hannah is sheer creative class. No other words for it. Tim Davies, Co-Founder DuelFuel