Coco Zumi coconut water was in serious need of a refresh, the branding was old-fashioned and lacking standout and was in danger of being left on the shelf versus the huge number of competitor brands. Millan wanted to retain his loyal consumer base and so we spent some time getting to know the Coco Zumi consumer in order evolve the current packaging. The new look gives meaning and relevance to the existing brand elements whilst ensuring the pack is easier to navigate and has far more pop at shelf.

Hannah has provided invaluable input for our brand and new products. She has an innovative and creative spirit which is just what we were looking for when choosing to update our packaging and graphics. Hannah also has a strong passion for the sector in which we operate, communicates very well, and takes projects to completion. All of this helps us to achieve the desired results. We look forward to working with her on many more of our pipeline projects. Millan Gudka, Owner Zumi Natural